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Arno (Germany)


    In 1941 Emil Arnold establishes “Lehrenbau” in Esslingen am Neckar. Initially manufacturing mainly measurement jigs and gauges. Because he always gave his customers exactly what they specified he
established himself through the high quality of his products.
     Together with his son Karl-Heinz Arnold they put their heart and soul into the company and were always open to new developments. He had a vision to be represented with his cutting tools in all industries all over the world. In 1962 his son forms the company Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH which under the name ARNO-Werkzeuge began focussing on sales of carbide tools. Both companies were constantly looking for market opportunities with the customers in mind.
    In 1987 Klaus-Michael Arnold joined the company and became Managing Director in 1992. In 2002 Josef Storf became joint Managing Director. In the spirit of the company founder, the product portfolio is expanding and the search for new sales channels are constantly being explored. In 2004 ARNO (UK) Ltd becomes the first overseas sister company, followed by sister companies in Italy, Russia and the USA.

    Due to the constant developments of the product range and the high level of service provided, today ARNO-Werkzeuge is globally renowned for its high quality cutting tools. 

Tools and Indexable Inserts for Turning and Threading


Internal Machining   External Machining  Thread Turning  Indexable Inserts

Tools and inserts for parting and grooving


        System DROP-Cut®   System SHORT-Cut®   System CLIP-Groove®   MICRO-Tools

Drill System


System SHARK-Drill®   System SHARK-Drill²   System SHARK-Cut®  Solid carbide twist drills

Milling cutters and indexable inserts for milling and thread milling

       f1.JPG f2.JPGf5.JPGf3.JPG
FTA milling system  Duo-Mill milling system  ROC-Mill milling system   ISO-milling systems  Indexable inserts
Thread milling

Official site: http://www.arno.de/

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