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Hahnreiter (Germany)

   Back in 1830, a Mr.Johann Daniel Becker commenced the manufacture of both Screws and threading Taps in which resulted in the company "Wilh.Becker Werkzeugefabrik" being founded during 1867. After the confusion of the Second World War, the production continued at the old location at Kronprinzenstaße in Remscheid (200 m²) with only one employee, however due to continuous investments the production facility increased and the manufacturing plant grew accordingly. Finally the new production plant in the "Überfeld" Industrial area was built and here the whole production plant is concentrated in an area of 2.500 m².
  In 1974 the current company "Wilh. Becker GmbH & Co.KG, HAHNREITER PRÄZISION Werkzeugfabrik" was founded by a merger with another company called "Ernst Birgden HAHNREITER Präzisionswerkzeuge". The Sales and administration building is now situated at a very convenient location at Neunkamperstraße. Both the products and manufacturing processes have dramatically improved since the near era and various types of taps have been researched and developed to work all types of materials under different conditions.

   The quality of HAHNREITER products has frequently been enhanced by the investment of modern machines, high quality measuring equipment and highly skilled and qualified personnel. Quality without compromise gave the name HAHNREITER PRÄZISION it's excellent reputation. The latest CNC technology and automation will always enable to be HAHNREITER at the forefront of the Industry in respect to Quality, Service and Price. The combination of most modern fully automatic production facilities for standard tools and effective manufacturing of special tools gives a good foundation for future activities.  

    Machine taps
    Taps for automatic lathes
    Machine taps for special materials
    Coated taps
    Oversize taps
    Machine taps with extra long shank
    Machine taps with internal coolant supply
    Taps for wire inserts
    Cold forming taps
    Hand taps with pilot
Type of threads, standard program M, UN, Pg, EG-M, G, BSW, MF, Rp, Rd, UNC, NPT, Tr, UNF, NPTF

    Manufacture all kinds of threads and profiles from diameter 1,0 to 250 mm.

    Dies for automatic machines
    Dies for special materials
    Dies with oversize
    Dies for automatic machines, bell form
    Dies for automatic machines, projection form
    Dies for automatic machines, with fixing holes
    Dies with extra short chamfer
    Dies HSS-EP, made from powder metallurgy material
Type of threads, standard program M, G, Pg, MF, R, BSW, UNC, NPT, Rd, UNF, NPTF, Tr
    Special dimensions for thread forms, mentioned in the catalogue
    Special thread profiles
    Modifications to suit problematic materials
    Dies for special automatic machines

    Thread plug gauges
    Thread plug guages, TiCN coated
    Thread ring gauges
    Limit plug gauges
    Ring gauges

Type of threads, standard program M, G, Pg, EG-M, MF, R/Rp, BSW, UNC, NPT, Rd, UNF, NPTF, Tr



Official site: http://www.hahnreiter.de/

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+7 (812) 335-04-17
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