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SRTL NITL (Russia)


    The Scientific Research Technological Laboratory (NITL) history starts in 1975 when first colleagues began working on the Department of Shipbuilding Technology of Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute. Since that time team has been developing and creating up-to-date means of technological equipping processes of manufacturing and repairing heat exchangers.In 1983 our collective was re-organized into  Scientific Research Technological Laboratory (NITL).
   In 1995 the university's research and development production facility and NITL merged to create the Scientific and Production Technological Study Centre (NPUTS).
  This centre deals with all the stages involved in modern industrial tool manufacturing: design, development, laboratory research and trials, prototypes, testing, manufacture, etc.
   Design, calculative and researching problems are solved with the most up-to-date and permanently upgraded computer techniques and software.The most modern high-caliber automatic machine tools are used in manufacturing process.

    Nowadays production is successfully used at more then 3200 Russian factories and also in 41 other countries (Australia, Algiers, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, India, Iran, Ireland, Canada, Kenya, China, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, USA, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Chernogoria, Sweden, Estonia and South African Republic).

Вальцовки различных серий
Пневматические реверсивные вальцовочные машины
Развальцовочные электрические машины серии РЭМ
Tube expanders
Pneumatic reversible torque control rolling machines
Electrical tube expanding machines REM
Инструмент для удаления труб из трубных решеток
Устройства серии "МТК" для отрезки выступающих концов труб
Инструмент для торцовки труб малого диаметра
Tube removal tools MTK series tools for tube end protrusion cut-off
Tube end facers for small OD tubes
Устройства для очистки труб
Труборезы разъемные "ТРР"
Машины "ММО-38-100" для удаления оребрения на концах труб
Tube cleaners
Terminal tube cutters "ТРР"
Pneumatic machine MMO-38-100 for fins removal on tube ends
Раскатники и канавочники
Машины серии "МАНГУСТ" для обработки и высверливания труб
Grooving tools ball/serrating types
"Mangust"-series machines for beveling and drilling tubes out

  Official site: http://www.nitl-spb.ru/

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