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FRB (Italy)

   Tecnologie FRB was founded in 1960 by Romano Franceschelli who, once a turner, then mechanical designer and at last a mechanical engineer, began his business manufacturing auto spares. Overcoming problems he faced when turning shafts of different dimensions and type were the incentive for research and development of equipment such as the live centre with load distribution and the face driver with a mechanical self compensating system of the driving pins. These products were so successful that they were patented, produced and marketed by the Tecnologie FRB Company. In the following years FRB expanded its range of new products. Including; face drivers and live centres for gear cutting and grinding, live centres for pipe grinding, and dead centres in hard metal. FRB has always worked hard to improve the standard and quality of its products and in the early eighties was recognised as a Market Leader in its sector.
    Since 1960 Tecnologie FRB has designed, manufactured and marketed live centres and face drivers for turning, grinding and hobbing. Today in its plant in Sasso Marconi (Bologna), skilled staff work by means of a state of the art production system, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality products. Tecnologie FRB also works closely with leading international machine tools manufacturers and has won the trust of many high profile companies by offering its equipment and technical support to the optimization of turning and grinding cycles. Tecnologie FRB has invested heavily in Research & Development right from its inception, to ensure its products keep abreast of the latest technological advances and constantly improve their performance.

-Face drivers for grinders
-Face drivers with fixed center for turning
-Face drivers with spring operated center for turning
-Face drivers with interchangeable driving pins for gear-cutting
-Face drivers with fixed teeth for gear cutting
-Series 80 and 85 live center with load distribution for machining with the face driver
-Series 80 and 85 head carrying live centers
-Series 2008 live center for hard turning
-Series 2006 live center for high rotating speeds – “6.000 r.p.m.”
-Series 81 live centers with sprung shaft
-Series 2000 live centers
-Series 92 extremely high precision live center for grinding
-Series 82 live centers for gear cutting
-Fixed live centers for grinders and lathes
-Series 82 live centers for heavy loads
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