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20.04.15 - Conference

Welcome to the VII annual Conference on deep hole drilling technologies, with participation of representatives from companies «botek Prazisionsbohrtechnik GmbH» (Germany), «Ecoroll AG Werkzeugtechnik» (Germany), «WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG» (Austria), «CARL BECHEM GMBH» (Germany)
Main topics of the Conference:

•Constructional innovations in production program of “botek” company;
•Complex machining of holes on turning- milling machines WFL in combination with deep hole drilling operations;
•Finish nonabrasive machining of internal and external workpiece surfaces with burnishing tools “Ecoroll”;
•Modern types of oil lubrication and emulsion produced by “BECHEM” company, that allow to improve performance and quality of machining, as well as durability of the tool in deep hole drilling  both on specialized deep hole drilling machines and machining centers;
•Practical examples of tool application of companies “botek” and “Ecoroll” for machining workpieces of different materials (cast iron, stainless steel) on European and Russian machines to produce holes with high demands  to straightness, surface quality and diameters tolerances.
Additional participation in the Conference:

National research Tomsk polytechnic University (TPU) represented by professor, Kirsanov S.V. , report on choice of wear-resistant coatings for gun drills of small diameter and influence of oxidation of the oil lubrications on their life.

Conference will be held on 22-23, April, 2015, from 9.00 to 17.00, address: Saint-Petersburg, Lermontovsky pr. 43/1, hotel “AZIMUT”, conference-hall “Berlin” (18 floor)

Participation is free

Preliminary information about production of companies “botek”, “Ecoroll”, “WFL” and “BECHEM” you can find on our website and websites: www.wfl.at , www.bechem.de and by phone (812) 335-04-17

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